Hello, successful business manager!

The value of a company over time is assessed based on its ability to grow and create value. Companies as well as the people who drive them must grow In order to be successful. Growth is the key to success.

We are inviting you to Intense growth HUB. Our mission is to help companies grow, optimize, and create effective teams.

The needs of both businesses and their customers are changing and evolving at a never-before-seen pace. You need to be able to evaluate a business from a larger and more holistic perspective to be able to achieve growth. Intense growth HUB’s Business Growth Center combines omnichannel view, iRetail measurement, media and marketing support with a business-wide 360-degree agile mindset.

We are represented in the Baltics and collaborate with various partner companies. We will find a way to navigate your business growth opportunities with the collective competence of our own as well as our partner companies’. We guarantee business growth!

The goal of Intense growth HUB is to help create rapid growth strategies and facilitate data-driven management. We offer effective solutions for creating agile teams and mapping new opportunities. What made us rise above the competition yesterday is now standard practice in the industry so today calls for a brand new way forward!

We have come together to lay the foundation for a completely novel business concept where we combine our existing media competencies with a knowhow service aimed at Business Growth. Intense growth HUB has been created by three great minds:

Liis Oper is a strong strategist and leader who has worked at Creative Media Service media agency for over 23 years, starting as a media planner and working her way up to company management. Liis is like a strong oak in our organization. Firmly standing with two feet on the ground, she unites the entire team, while always facing the sun.

Marit Finnie has worked with various brands and teams from retail to technology, in the Baltics, Europe, Asia and America. She has experience in management, marketing, and start-up. The opportunity to help companies grow sustainably in our fast-paced and changing digital world brings a twinkle to Marit’s eye. She puts together the best growth models and agile leadership skills from the start-up technology world. It does not matter whether it is a company that has been on the market for a long time, needs a different perspective and new energy, or a completely new organization that is just entering the market.

Kristel Kivipalu has been mapping the business needs of various companies for 13 years and is responsible for developing the best possible solutions to achieve successful campaigns with engaging campaign messaging for the end user. During these years, Kristel has managed both the advertising sales of Fox International Channels Baltic’s TV channels and the advertising sales of AS Postimees Group’s print media. For the past two years, Kristel has been responsible for the advertising turnover of Postimees Group’s radio channels by successfully leading their advertising sales. Kristel is passionate about fulfiling customers’ expectations and reaching common goals in unison. As your business flourishes, we too can enjoy success!

If you have any questions or want to hear more about what we do, feel free to get in touch and set up an appointment. The initial consultation is free!