Successful omnichannel strategies and campaigns

We create Omnichannel strategies that meet the needs of your company’s Marketing Goals and serve growth- and profitability-oriented campaigns. By linking brick and mortar to the digital marketplace, we guide the customer’s shopping journey and engage the cusomer base using both digital and offline communication formats.

DIGITAL ADVERTISING Strategies, Planning and Implementation

Search Advertising

Google Search Ads, in which text ads appear above Google’s Organic Search Results, are a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to grow their customer base.
Google’s Search Engine is currently the largest repository of people that are accustomed to using it when planning new purchases.
A constant presence with your Brand and Product or Selection of Services on this journey will help convert a searcher into a paying customer.
We will help you effectively promote your products and services on Google Search, thereby increasing sales and interest and of potential customers.

Google Display Advertising

Google Display Ads (banner, video) can appear on more than 2 million different Google Display Network (GDN) websites and are a great way to reach different audiences.
Google is able to identify the audiences of most interest thanks to algorithms optimized for online behavior.
We will help you promote your products and services effectively across all Google’s Platforms and formats (including Gmail and Youtube) to increase customer interest and sales.
Intense growth HUB is Google Premier Partner.

Social Media/SoMe

Social Media Advertising (SoMe) displays ads to audiences identified as most interested in a product or service by combinings existing digital targeting options (geotargeting, behavioral targeting, socio-psychological profiles, etc.).
The nature of Social Media Platforms can be utilized to increase awareness among target groups that are most important for the brand. Also to reach interested audiences and to increase customer loyalty.
We will help you advertise your products and services on popular Social Media Networks (including Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki) and reach in-market target groups.

Search Engine Optimization/SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is increasing the visibility of a website in Google (but also Yandex, Bing) Search Engine results.
When a user searches for a product / service on Google that interests them, an optimized website will rank higher among the search results. Well-executed SEO significantly improves the user experience of your website and thus increases the ranking of your website in organic search results.
We will help you identify bottlenecks in your websites usability/ user experience and implement the necessary corrections for your website to rank higher in organic search results.

Analytics, Tracking and Reporting

There are a number of different factors that need to be taken into account when assessing the overall effectiveness of media campaigns. We help you measure the results of your campaigns in terms of both direct results (sales, coverage, increase in website traffic) and indirect factors (reputation, market share, quality of website traffic).

OFFLINE MEDIA Strategies, Planning and Purchasing

Radio Advertising

We are able to help you run successful Radio Advertising Campaigns. We plan, buy and produce on-air advertising (including indoor network radios in shopping centers) as well as consumer games and radio program sponsorships. We are also able to strategize and create Custom Solutions in radio to best meet your campaign goals.

TV Advertising

We are able to help you run successful TV Ad Campaigns. We plan and buy TV media, show sponsorships and promo bugs. We are able to find the best Custom Solutions for advertising your business in various TV projects.

OOH and DOOH Advertising

We are able to help you run successful Out of Home Advertising Campaigns. We plan and traffic various campaigns on static and digital surfaces in outdoor media placements and shopping centres. We both strategize and produce the best Custom Solutions to create awareness among your potential customers.

Print Advertising

We are able to help you run successful Print Advertising Campaigns in newspapers and magazines as well as through direct mail. We are also able to create and produce Tailor Made Custom Print Solutions for advertising your business.

Creating and implementing growth strategies with a guarantee of success. Business model, process and value chain optimization.

Mapping and Interactive Business Analytics, Dashboards.
Customer Journey Mapping, Analysis and Optimization.